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Drug Registration

As we know, not only in Viet Nam but also in many others countries in the world, DRUG REGISTRATION is one of the most complicated process, takes much time and it requires the person, who is in charge of this work must be good at specialty and have much experience...

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Company Registration

All foreign company, who want to do  business directly in Viet Nam’s medicine market must be accepted by Ministry of Health. So, when entering to Viet Nam market, applying company license in drug and raw material is often the first step of all most oversea companies...

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Food and Cosmetic

Meanwhile the drug registration is very complicated progress, the procedures to proclaim the quality specification for food and cosmetic is a bit simple and takes less time. However, it doesn’t mean, the experience and knowledge in these fields play a less important role...

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Customer supporting service

The drugs are approved visa number, or a product is accepted for circulation, all of these things are the first success of our service. However, there is not less problem can happen and need to be solved during product circulation...

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About Us

You are a business in pharmaceutical field and desiring to bring your products into the market in VIET NAM. Don’t waste so much time, Let’s contact with VNP pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
VNP Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd provides specialised support for drug registration so that you can bring your drugs onto the market in VIET NAM  in a rapid and easy way.
Drug registration is a continually evolving process and is becoming technically, more complicated. The pressure on drug registration becomes evermore intense. The legal requirements change on a near daily basis and the technical demands for registration constantly increase.
VNP Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd ’s registration experts are pharmacists and we have a large number of collaborators, who make sure that you have optimal support for all aspects of your drug registration. It should not be un-derestimated how a mistake in the registration process can block a drug from reaching the shelves for months or even years. Valuable time is easily lost which is something no one can afford in today's highly competitive global markets.
A lot of time can be lost when registering a drug because of a lack of optimal coordination among different departments. For instance the pharmaceutical development or the delivery of the clinical trials reports may not be according to schedule. Our advice: put your drug registration in our hands.
VNP Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd will gladly take over the coordination during and after the registration process. Our collaborators regis-tration experts are pharmacists, medical scientists, chemists, and biologists who make sure that you have optimal support for all aspects of your drug registration. We know how to manage the interdisci-plinary tasks so that the different departments of your company can work efficiently together. We are supported by a network of experts in pharmaceutical, pharmacological, toxicological, clinical (CRO) areas, production and sales.
In drug registration service, we can provide a complete or a part of dossier if you want.
•    We provide complete dossier for drug with the first registration in Viet Nam.
•    If you want to change name of your drug, name of manufactured, brand label…in circulation process of your drug, we provide service to renew registration of your product.
•    Providing service to analyze your medical products specification .
•    Preparation, translation and adjustment of Patient Information Leaflets (PIL), SmPC (Summary of Product Characteristics), mock-ups to the requirements of the Drug Administration of Viet Nam.
Other services:
•    Providing service for food functional registration in Viet Nam Food Administrator.
•     Cosmetic registration in the Drug Administration of Viet Nam, obtaining of marketing authorization.
•    Company registration service
•    Trademark registration of goods at National Office of Intellectual Property of Viet Nam.
The professional touch for the final finish
As your partner we are always proud when a VNP Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd registration dossier is given the green light from the authorities. This means that we made a decisive contribution to securing the success of our client's high investment in product development. We succeed because we leave nothing to chance. Our registration checklists are not only an aid for us, but bring structure to departments on the long route through the authorities. In the end it is your innovation that finds its way rapidly and quickly onto the market.
The success is not by chance because our clients:
•    Profit from reducing the time it takes to submit a registration dossier.
•    Can register new products quickly and reduce the time it takes to bring them to market.
•    Increase their revenues and profits.
•    Significantly reduce the burden on internal departments responsible for registration.
•    Gain a competitive advantage over the competition.
Please contact with us now to increase your profits:
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